5-Ways-to-Get-More-Customers-on-Cyber-Monday Infographic

Nobody can deny the benefits of search engine optimization for businesses that sell online or offer their products through any online platforms. Websites are accessible anywhere and everywhere that has an internet connection. This rules over the trend that during holidays, sales are low because people do not go to shopping stores to buy the things they need. Due to technological advancement, online shopping is just a click away. In a business perspective, this widens your reach and allows you to overcome declining sales in the offline market. Do the tips listed on this infographic and you can surely reach your sales goals.

1. What they see first should catch their attention, curiosity, and interests. When clicking a website, the first thing that a person will read is the landing page. This could be a dynamic or static website that contains the initial information about the website. However, landing pages should not be dull and boring. It should contain significant details that will trigger the customers to search through other pages. This can only be done if landing pages are dedicated to a certain season.

2. Optimizing the images of a website includes adding tags and meta keywords that signal search engines about the content of your website. If you are aiming for a Cyber Monday, use that keyword. However, if your goal is to get number on Black Friday, just change titles of your images. Google will understand that your image is related to Cyber Monday or Black Friday holiday.

3. Handy, convenient and comfortable. These are some of the reasons why customers buy wide screened smartphones or iPhones. This is because searching the internet through their phones is easier to do than bringing a heavy laptop. Research shows that transactions done through mobile phones are higher than transactions done through personal computers. Therefore, create a mobile-friendly website. It must not conflict with the website seen in personal computers. Consistency in the contents of the websites is very important.

4. Strategize the keywords you used by using holiday keywords or words that are related to the season. Take the perspective of the customer. If you are the customer, how would you search for your product? If it is for a Cyber Monday, then ensure that such is added to your keywords. However, do not overdo. You might be tagged as keyword stuffing and that might mean penalties to your website.

5. Most of all optimize your social media. Everybody is using FB, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites that are used for both personal and professional needs. Post your products in your social media accounts. Use interesting captions for the images, answer queries and respond to comments. You can build your own network using FB Pages. In this way, you can upload as many pictures as you want. You can also use messenger for your business transactions. Posting and sharing your company’s market offerings can create new customers and retain the old ones.

6. If you have low sales during the season, investigate what’s wrong with your landing pages, mobile-friendly websites and keywords used.

source: https://www.seonational.com/get-more-customers-on-cyber-monday/


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