5 Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean, Clear, and On Display Infographic

The kitchen is an integral part of your home mainly because it is the central hub. How it looks dramatically affects the overall tone of the house. That is why many homeowners have invested in a worthy countertop. But with the hourly buzz in the kitchen from being used 24/7, it can be a daunting task to maintain your countertops. Here are some valuable tips to keep your countertops squeaky clean and shiny.

Clean As You Go

If you are not used to cleaning after everything as you work, you might find this challenging. But once you get used to it, you will realize that it is the easiest way to keep your home tidy. That is because there is no space for procrastinating, and you will be left with a few things to clean rather than a whole messy countertop. Try it by wiping up spills as they happen so there is no time for it to harden, which will take up more time and effort to deal with later.

Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

When you consistently follow a cleaning schedule, you can keep up with all the tasks you need to do in the kitchen. It is an efficient way to keep everything tidy after cleaning them. Set a day for scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting. In addition, check on your kitchen appliances like the oven and refrigerator once a month. Make sure to use suitable cleaning materials, especially on your countertops.

Decrease Clutter

Letting things pile up will be a daunting task you have to deal will later on, and it will take up too much of your time and energy compared to when you follow through with each task as they happen. More clutter can easily lead to a messier kitchen after each day. It will be harder to stick to your cleaning schedule with too many things on your plate. Keep your countertop clutter-free by having dedicated storage for appliances that you don’t use every day. Opt for functional decor to avoid congestion and contain clutter.

Have a Morning and Evening Routine

Come up with a routine that works for your schedule. While brewing your coffee in the morning, you can load or empty the dishwasher. As the evening winds down, finish the dinner dishes and wipe the countertops. Be extra mindful in cleaning up water and dirt on your countertop, especially when they have a glossy finish.


Have a place for everything in your kitchen, so you know where to return them after each use. Start by decluttering, then organizing. Instead of single-tasked appliances, swap them for multi-use items. Hide your blender and mixers that you don’t often use in the cabinet. Food and spices can go in the pantry, fridge, or rack. Cooking utensils are better in the drawer than a holder on the counter. And if there are items that you can find a place for, it might be time to let go of them.

Bonus Tip

While this may sound like advice that goes against all the ones previously mentioned, a junk drawer where you can put all the things you don’t have a place for. But make sure that you go through this drawer regularly. It is typical for mess and clutter to happen when you have a child. It is okay to let it happen but clean up as you go or at the end of the day to prevent overwhelming your counter. A laundry basket is practical when you have limited storage and have some company coming.

Granite countertops are stunning, but the daily mess and clutter can prevent them from shining and standing out as a focal point of your kitchen. Having a cleaning and organizing habit can help prevent this from happening.

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