5 Ways to Remove Weed Smell Infographic

Where smoking isn’t always permitted, clearing the air may be necessary. Apartment dwellers, persons with roommates, and even residents of particular states may need to be particularly cautious about the scents emanating from their homes, vehicles, or property. You’re covered by RYOT with the following tactics.

1. Clear the atmosphere

It’s a good idea to aggressively ventilate enclosed places. A room may smell less like the inside of a bong by opening windows, turning on fans, whisking the air out, and replacing it with fresh air. To ensure that smoke is leaving the room as soon as it enters, sly smokers may open a window throughout the session.

2. Get chemical aid.

Air fresheners will assist with this. In contrast to incense and perfume, which mask one odor with another, air fresheners like Febreeze operate by getting rid of odors. After cleaning the air and opening the windows, spraying a room can help swiftly or fully renew a space’s odor. When it comes to soft surfaces like curtains, upholstery, and carpets, an air freshener is very useful. Much longer than the surrounding air, these surfaces have a tendency to retain smells like smoke.

3. Stop the odor before it occurs.

Numerous RYOT solutions are intended specifically to reduce odors. Special containers, such as our cannabis humidor or odor-proof bags, can prevent the smell of marijuana from entering the space where it is kept. The smell may be minimized by using a smell-proof storage container and a tool like a “sploof”. For those who don’t know, a sploof is a dryer sheet-filled toilet paper tube. The dryer sheets, which deodorize the bong cloud as it leaves the user’s lungs, allow an adventurous smoker to take a bong hit, exhale through a sploof, and keep the stench of marijuana from entering the room.

4. Take a shower

Smokers on a regular basis might not be aware of this, yet their bodies are frequently the main source of the odor. The smell of smoke will stick to your clothes, especially shirts and coats, much like it does on the sofa. After smoking, your breath and hair will both smell like marijuana. Showering and changing clothes are vital steps if you are really serious about getting rid of all stinks. You will smell like a newborn baby after a fast bath, teeth brushing, and change of clothes. In addition to cleaning away odors, body wash with a strong aroma can aid in masking them.

5. Cover it up

The traditional method for removing the cannabis odor is to mask it with something similarly potent. Products like scented candles, incense, perfume, or essential oils can be utilized to alter the smell of a place from being purely marijuana-smelling to something else. Given that it merely adds new odors and doesn’t actually get rid of the stink, this strategy isn’t always effective. Those who can smell marijuana will probably still be able to do so even after applying nog champa, Axe body spray, or other deodorants to cover up the musty aroma of smoke.

source: https://ryot.com/my-house-smells-like-weed-how-do-i-get-rid-of-it/


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