5 Ways to Thank Your Employees Infographic

An organization stands strong because its employees are its base. Without them, it will shatter into pieces. It is a wrong impression that employees work only because they need money. Especially if you got talented employees, you need to work hard to keep them. Employee turnover is a bad thing for the organization. This is because you will need to hire again and train them again. It will mean cost for the business. On the other hand, if you can keep your employees, they already know the tasks and they are aware of the direction of the organization. The question is how can you keep them? This infographic will show that simple thank you could mean a lot to your employees. The rest of the tips will not even make to spend dollars.

1. Compliments make everybody’s mood better. An employee needs to know that his/her work can benefit the company and that their talents, skills, and abilities are needed. Simple praises won’t cost the company but it will keep your employee engaged in the job that he has. Should you praise all of the employees? The answer is no. Give praise only to the person who deserves it, especially when he has done something worthy to be praised. Praising everybody in the company diminishes the value of the praise.

2. They often call it team building. Having fun at work means that simple picnics or going to the beach together or even conducting meeting outdoors will create an impression that you want to break the wall that divides you and the employee. By being more open to them, they can easily share their ideas and suggestions that might be significant to your own strategic directions. Sometimes, the best ideas come out of nowhere, not in a four-cornered room.

3. Sticky notes with a smiley and a thank you can be an early morning booster. Spark it up with a cup of coffee ready for your employee. Who would not want to stay in this kind of working environment? Keeping your employees do not need financial rewards especially among the millennials. What they need are freedom, flexibility and an amiable corporate culture.

4. In recognizing an employee’s effort, the employer must also be creative. There are many ways to show it. One could be through a meeting or a simple celebration of the employee’s accomplishment. If it really is a hectic day, a post in your bulletin or page in FB might do the trick.

5. If the employee’s work was so exceptional and you think that a thank you or tap on his back is not enough, a thank you gift might be necessary. What gifts can you give? Incentives, bonuses and other financial rewards are fine but if the company does not have the resources for it, then opt for tokens of gratitude. It could be a picture frame, customize mug or even a simple jacket with the company’s logo. Does not sound so difficult, right? But, the return of a motivated employee could be far more beneficial for the company.

source: https://perelson.com/have-you-thanked-your-employees-lately/


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