5 Ways to Wear a Beanie Infographic

The choices you make in this life need to be united with a wise decision. This is no difference when you choose the accessory you put on your body since of course, you cannot put everything you have in one get up. Putting the right decoration on your self would make you appeal pleasing and trendy at the same time. But, wearing the wrong ones will either mark you outcasted or outmoded.

Wearing a beanie, for example, creates a trendy, fresh and modish look. But, wearing it should have harmony in your overall appearance. The following are the five ways and reminders on how to wear your beanie fit for your style.

1. Wrapped or cuffed the beanie. This is known to be the most traditional way of wearing the beanie. This cuffed beanie is turned up and covered the ears that make you warm. You are able to do many different things with this beanie because of its versatility.

2. Choose the smaller cuffed version of beanie. It is a smaller version of cuffed beanie because it does not cover the ears and you may find this necessary when it’s too hot or too sunny. This beanie is also called the fisherman style beanie because it is mostly used by people when they are fishing under the heat of the sun.

3. Look for soft and wooly beanie. This a very functional beanie used, especially during winter. It is made of wool or cotton and lined with ribbings. Do you want to stay stylish during cold seasons? You may opt for this kind of beanie.

4. Avoid excessive branding on each article of your clothing. When you have the beanie put on your head, it is already an accessory. Wearing clothes with signature brands would overdo your getup.

5. Do not match your beanie to the rest of your clothing. Matching the color of your beanie to the rest of your clothing would rather distract the people watching you. It will exaggerate your outfit for the day. Surely, you do not want to create a boastful impression where you would like to make the people think that you are only wearing signature clothes.

These clothes are not a status symbol but are actually too much to be used in one setting.

Choosing the right way on how to wear your beanie would make you comfortable, protects you from too much cold or too much warmth and at the same time keeps you modish and trendy. However, you need to bear in mind that being fashionable does not necessarily mean putting too much of everything, it is all about choosing the right ones that suit you. You should not also bargain comfort with fashion when you can actually have both.

Remember that your good fashion sense would create strong confidence in you because you know in your inner self that you are pleasing to the eyes of others. Along the streets, when you meet your acquaintances, you will never look down because you are shy of your clothes and your appearance, but rather you can look straight to their eyes and give your sweetest smile.

source: https://acmehatco.com/the-right-way-to-wear-a-beanie/


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