6 Action Steps for Accounting and Cybersecurity Infographic

Hybrid remote work situations have made cybersecurity vulnerabilities more prevalent and challenging to control. Professionals in accounting and finance are crucial to the security of their companies and clients. Infiltrations have an impact on a company’s reputation. Find out how you can defend your customers and your business. The six actions listed below will help get you ready for dangers that are becoming more widespread.

Budget and Acknowledge

Admitting there is a problem is the first step in solving any problem. No matter how secure you believe your data to be, hackers are continually coming up with inventive ways to steal it.

To start, pinpoint the locations of sensitive data, such as email chains, vendors, business partners, and third parties. Once you’ve identified the high-priority risks and potential compromises that currently exist, you need to develop ways to mitigate those risks. It takes time and money to uncover security gaps in your business and find a product or service to help you close them. Remember that this cost is unavoidable in the technological society we live in today, and we should consider security within the budget.

Remind and Train

Emphasize the significance of cyber safety to all employees. Reminding staff of the modest gestures they can make to assist—like not clicking on dubious or suspicious sites or double-checking information before sharing—might seem repetitious, but it’s essential. Everyone has a responsibility to safeguard themselves, their business, and their customers.


Cybersecurity requires ongoing maintenance. We must think that someone is constantly seeking to obtain crucial information from us. Instead of providing people with unlimited access to all IT resources, think about granting them access as needed.

Multi-factor authentication should be taken into account and deployed, especially as more workers conduct remote work on less secure servers. Include a defense mechanism that enables you to foresee attacks on critical data, thwart those attacks, and restore any lost data. If you have a good plan, you can be more resilient and resume your goals after a cyberattack.

Finance IT

Get expert assistance rather than attempting the task alone in order to protect your clients or organization. Finding the appropriate technology and applications requires investigation and testing with IT partners. Develop the finest cyber defense technology and plan for your needs by working with your current IT department or a reputable company.

To discover the ideal partner or services, it is crucial to ask thoughtful questions. Learn how they can reduce current hazards. Ask them to teach you and other staff members how to use any new software and how to avoid becoming a target.

Back up your backup

The 3-2-1 rule is certainly well-known to the IT department of your company. Maintain three copies or more of your data. The primary data will be the first. The other two will be backups kept apart from the primary in different locations. Keep backups and primary data on separate types of storage media so that if a calamity occurs in one location, it doesn’t affect all copies at once. Offsite storage of one copy of the data, a physical site, or a cloud server might act as the location.

Test and evaluate

Once your controls are in place, periodically assess them compared to the most recent risks. One of three methods can be used to examine and test for vulnerabilities by independent IT experts or your own IT department. Either conduct a security system audit, start a fictitious cyberattack, or use system scanning software.

Preserving Resources

CPAs have the essential knowledge to help defend their company and clients from cybersecurity risks. By preventing cybersecurity breaches in the first place and assisting you in swiftly regaining your footing if a breach happens, following these six action steps can improve your chances.

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source: https://www.ohiocpa.com/news-resources/news/2022/10/19/accounting-and-cybersecurity-six-action-steps


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