6 Brain Break Benefits for Kids Infographic

Adults and children can both experience fatigue and restlessness when working on a tedious task. By using brain breaks at home, parents can help children overcome mental fatigue and achieve their goals more effectively. Read on to learn more about brain breaks. Taking regular breaks can help reduce anxiety and stress. The amygdala, which processes memories and emotions, can become overwhelmed when constantly processing new information, leading to anxiety. Giving the brain a break by shifting its focus allows it to rest and reset. Brain breaks are not actually breaks for your brain. According to a 2021 study, “wakeful rest” helps the brain consolidate memories for learning new skills (Buch). This means that even during breaks, the brain encodes new skills into memory. Regular breaks replenish the brain’s chemicals, renewing its ability to focus. Neurotransmitters are crucial for attention and memory retention but come in limited supply. Too much of the same activity can quickly deplete them. Brain breaks help replenish these chemicals by shifting focus momentarily. Brain breaks can improve self-regulation, especially for children who struggle with it. When the brain is overworked, it’s hard to overcome fatigue and stay focused. Children’s attention improves with brain breaks. When working on less-than-exciting tasks, their attention span is limited. If information seems to be ignored or met with blank stares, it may be time for a brain break. Finally, brain breaks can stimulate motivation. Using brain breaks as an incentive to help children complete tasks (or even segments of a task) is an effective way to keep them motivated. Motivating your child to complete tasks like chores and homework can be tough. Using brain breaks at home can help parents support their children in overcoming mental fatigue and achieving goals effectively.

source: https://academyofscholars.com/gimme-a-break-the-science-behind-brain-breaks-and-how-to-implement-them-at-home/


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