6 Business Energy Transition Tips Infographic

Due to uncertainty and complexity, changing energy expenses often falls off the priority list. However, identifying the best time to switch energy suppliers can save money and enhance efficiency. Here are key considerations to help businesses navigate the energy transition. First, understanding the dynamics of the business energy market is crucial. Energy prices fluctuate due to demand, geopolitical events, and market competition. Staying informed empowers businesses to make informed decisions and seize opportunities for better energy contracts. Consider changing energy suppliers when your existing contract is about to end. Energy contracts usually last from one to three years. As the expiration date nears, businesses can explore other options, review their energy needs, and negotiate better terms. Hiring energy consultants can be beneficial. The energy market is complex and constantly changing, making it hard to predict price movements. Consultants can analyze potential savings and recommend supplier changes based on current market conditions. Also, seasonal factors significantly influence supplier negotiations. Suppliers may offer special promotions or discounts during low energy consumption periods, such as summer, creating cost-saving opportunities. When there are technological advancements and efficiency upgrades, it’s a good time to review energy contracts. Upgrading systems can lead to cost reductions and customized solutions from suppliers. The best time to switch energy suppliers is when it aligns with strategic goals and operational needs. Lastly, regular energy efficiency assessments can uncover savings and secure favorable contracts, helping businesses optimize costs and contribute to sustainability goals.

source: https://dneresources.com/is-now-the-best-time-to-change-business-energy-suppliers/


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