6 Camera Care Tips Infographic

When building a successful photography business, maintaining your equipment is as crucial as finding clients, creating a marketing plan, and building your portfolio. Regular cameras and other gear maintenance can prevent costly replacements and ensure everything is always ready for use. Sending cameras in for professional maintenance periodically protects your investment and prolongs the life of your equipment. Routine DIY care is also essential; keep lens cleaner fluid, cleaning cloths, and a camera air puffer on hand to remove dust and debris.

Keeping your camera’s image sensor clean is vital, as a dirty sensor can lead to spots and blurriness in your photos. Though intimidating for beginners, proper sensor cleaning techniques can be learned or left to professionals. Durable camera bags are another investment that pays off, protecting from the elements and cushioning during transport. Extreme temperatures and moisture can damage your gear’s mechanical and electrical parts, so always store and transport your equipment in safe conditions. Lastly, always replace lens and body caps to prevent dust and damage, even in a hurry. By diligently maintaining your equipment, you ensure longevity and reliability, ultimately supporting the success of your photography business.

source: https://photographybusinessinstitute.com/camera-care-tips-for-trouble-free-photography-sessions/


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