6 Care Tips for Miniature Dog Breeds Infographic

Are you a pet lover? What animals do you usually have and take care in your house? Most human beings would prefer either a dog or a cat. Who would not enjoy seeing these pets wagging their tail and showing their loyalty to their owners? However, these animals could have different sizes from small, medium to large. Taking care of them vary depending on their need. These needs would also mean different requirements from the owners to ensure that they will grow healthy and safe from possible dangers in their surroundings. This infographic focuses on miniature dog breeds. It answers the question, what are some of the specific care tips that you can do if you got a small dog at home.

1. Develop the social skills of your dog by making them part of your family. Let them have a close encounter with your kids and let them play around with them. When the dog shows good social behavior, reinforce this so that it will become part of the dog’s behavior. Moreover, please be reminded that positive reinforcement is more effective than fixing their aggressive traits. So, don’t let your children or any household member show the rage against them.

2. Get to know your dog’s activities so that you can assess which toys are right for them. Because of their small size, they definitely would be needing toys that also have smaller sizes so that they can put it into their mouth. However, too small toys could be swallowed by a dog. Hence, it would be better if you invest in the right sized toys. Your dogs enjoy while playing it and more importantly, it is considered safe for them.

3. Dogs like to run back and forth. If your house does not have gates, there is a tendency that they will slip and fall. Just like with humans, such an incident could mean broken bones for your dog. What can you do to prevent this scenario from happening? Buy dog gates to limit their activities especially near your stairs.

4. Dogs, small or big, must be clean at all times because people in the family may take and play with them. Not because miniature dog breeds have small sizes, they are no longer prone to dirt and other bacteria. Hence, they should also be taken to pet clinics so that their fur will be washed properly. It might be surprising but actually, some small dogs require more intensive daily care than the big ones.

5. Imagine that your small dog is obese and it can’t even walk because of its weight. Don’t you think the pet looks funny and pitiful? If you agree with it, ensure that your dog follows the right diet plan. Provide them with pet foods that are just right for their sizes. Remember that smaller dogs need a smaller amount of calories.

6. Lastly, keep their teeth clean at all times. Small dogs are prone to teeth problems like tooth decay. It could be attributed to the food that they eat. To keep your dog from getting any teeth problem, maintain a regular checkup with a pet clinic.

source: https://www.petminerals.com/care-tips-for-miniature-dog-breeds/


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