6 Confident Portrait Photographer Traits Infographic

For many, starting a portrait photography business and overcoming a lack of confidence can be challenging. If you’ve started your business and learned how to make money with photography, you should already feel proud of your accomplishments. If your confidence is wavering, take time to celebrate your growth by comparing your earliest photographs with your most recent work to see visible improvements. Practicing regularly can also boost your confidence, as you’ll notice your skills improving over time. Avoid comparing yourself to other photographers and focus on your unique journey. Embrace positive feedback and resist the urge to point out flaws, as there is no perfect in any art form. Finding a community of like-minded photographers can also provide support and improve your confidence. Embrace mistakes as part of learning, knowing they will help you progress and improve. Focus less on whether your photographs are good enough and take more pictures to build your confidence. Remember, your unique perspective and creativity are what make your work valuable.

source: https://photographybusinessinstitute.com/ways-to-gain-confidence-as-a-portrait-photographer/


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