6 Different Types of Hats and Why You Should Care Infographic

There are various styles of hats but one the main reason for wearing it for its protective functions. Another reason for wearing a hat is for fashion or ceremonial functions that symbolize the rank of the wearer. The main function of a hat is to protect from the harmful and cancer-causing UV rays. With a hat, you can enjoy yourself outside without being bothered by the UVA and UVB rays. Hats also give a sense of style and add a visual effect to any outfit. However, some people find themselves confused and overwhelmed by the huge selection of hats. To get you started with wearing hats, here are 6 different types of hats that you should know.

1. Cowboy Hat. This kind of hat is one of the most distinctive styles. The cowboy hat ranges significantly in style, fabric, and decoration. Its brim could also be straight, curved, narrow, or wide. The hat’s crown is made from a single pressed of fabric which is usually felt but could be also straw or other materials. A deep crease can also exist or none at all.

2. Baseball Cap. This kind of hat is typically made with six panels but could vary depending on the style, that joins at the top of the hat with a cloth-covered button called the squatchee. To hold its shape, there are two panels in the front. Baseball caps these days now have Flexi-fit caps to accommodate different head sizes. To keep the sweat out of the wearer’s eyes, the sweatband is made of moisture-wicking materials. There is also a visor that can be curved or straight depending on the preference of the wearer.

3. Military Hat. The military hat has been an essential of armed services for many years. Like the baseball cap, it has a visor and now comes in many fabrics and colors. There is a single flat piece on top with a single piece making up the sides. It has also become personalized with pins, patches, and memorabilia.

4. Boonie Hat/Fishing Hat. A versatile type of hat, the Boonie hat is usually made of cotton, canvas, or polyester thus they can be easily stuffed into a bag. They also bounce after getting wet and like the military hat, the crown is made of a separate side piece and flat top piece. The fishing hat comes with a brim and a chin strap that helps the wearer secure the hat during inclement weather. It also comes with several loops and holes to store hooks and small gears.

5. Fedora. Sharing many characteristics with the cowboy hat, the fedora is more versatile. While the crown of the cowboy hat is made from a single felt and the dent determines the overall shape and style of the hat, the fedora has a sweatband that helps keep its shape. Fedoras are often made of leather or ribbon and have a distinctive band as well as decorations. Additional accessories are also added like feathers or flowers.

6. Fascinator Hat. This style rounds up any hat that is unlike any others. The fascinator hat shares very few things with other hats but it is fantastic. Have you ever seen hats that are worn during the royal wedding or derby events? Those are considered as fascinator hats.

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