6 Digital Strategies That Empower Today's CSMs Infographic

By swiftly introducing your clients to your product or service and assisting them in using it to accomplish their business goals, you as a SaaS customer success manager want to enhance their experience. Encouraging clients to upgrade their services, renew their subscriptions, and provide favorable reviews and word-of-mouth advertisements, doing this properly helps your business’s bottom line.

It will probably need (much) more CSM resources to provide thousands of clients with the attention and training they deserve to help them swiftly realize value. Unless you use tech-touch customer success and digital customer success tactics, that is. Your clients can get their desired results thanks to digital technology, data, and automated procedures, and you, the CSM, can work more efficiently rather than more laboriously.

Fix expectations early to align on success

A great strategy to decide which touchpoints to utilize and when is to segment clients based on where they are in the customer journey. The CSM can notify customers to renew a specified number of days prior to their expiration date. They can follow up with current contract information 30 to 60 days later. Based on the client’s position in the customer journey and previous methods that have worked well, automated playbooks can provide CSMs with best practices and templates.

Welcoming and onboarding

Never undervalue the impact of a well-written, practical welcome email. It includes access to training materials and self-help resources as well as contact points for the various needs of your clients. For any organization, implementing and integrating new software may be difficult. CSMs work to streamline the process as much as they can and swiftly direct users to see value and find solutions.

Upgrade the customer experience with DIY resources

Learning to utilize new software may be compared to learning to ride a bike. The new user must first be given training, demonstrations, and assistance, and then-gasp!- release them. What would happen if there was insufficient guidance or assistance? The same is true for customer satisfaction and the consumer experience. Your clients expect tailored support, which means the appropriate level of service at the appropriate moment.

Expand upsell opportunities with internal data analysis

Data-backed insights into user behavior and customer journeys may support success initiatives like promoting specialized services or sending timed and targeted mailings. By pointing clients in the direction of features they aren’t already using, you may help them get the most out of your program. Based on activities, digital data might identify client demands.

Raise revenue with a consistent renewal cadence

Due to perfectly scheduled, tailored, and appropriate information, revenue from upselling, cross-selling, and renewals increase. Don’t count on a customer’s recall or their contentment with your service to lead to a renewal. Your chances of obtaining future services without relying on a steady supply of new customers dramatically rise with well-timed renewal reminders and progress reports.

Working smarter, not harder

Although clients may perceive robotic and impersonal digital and automated touches, they feel pampered and supported without feeling that customer service is excessive. Giving low-touch and mid-touch situations the proper level of attention frees CSMs to concentrate on and strengthen high-touch interpersonal connections.

In whatever manner you can, start giving digital customer success priority. As your business expands, minor adjustments made here and there have a tremendous impact. Think about a platform for automating customer success touchpoints that are already prepared, such as onboarding reminders, training materials, satisfaction surveys, renewal reminders, upsell offers, support issues, and more.

source: https://catalyst.io/blog/digital-strategies-that-empower-todays-csms


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