6 Driver Fatigue Solutions Infographic

If you’re a truck driver, you know the importance of getting the recommended hours of sleep, but sometimes fatigue still sets in. Fatigue can take your attention off the road, slow your reflexes, and impair your judgment, making it unsafe to operate your vehicle. To combat this, employers can ensure drivers have sufficient time off to get adequate sleep between shifts, but it’s ultimately up to the driver to manage their downtime effectively. Life’s disruptions can interfere with sleep, so taking a nap before your shift may be helpful if you leave early. Teamwork is also crucial; fellow drivers should watch for signs of fatigue in each other and prevent an overly tired driver from getting behind the wheel, similar to stopping a drunk driver.

If you consistently get enough sleep but still feel tired, it might be time for a DOT physical and a sleep study to check for conditions like sleep apnea. Your DOT medical examiner can help find a safe solution. Sometimes, medication is necessary, but it’s vital to follow the provider’s guidelines closely, ensuring you don’t drive while the drug is active. Creating a consistent sleep environment, with a cool, dark room and no electronics, can train your body to rest effectively. While a cup of coffee followed by a short nap can provide temporary relief, sleep is the only real cure for fatigue.

source: https://teamcme.com/driver-fatigue-the-signs-and-solutions/


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