6 Energy Pricing Factors Infographic

Understanding and predicting operating costs is vital for every business leader. While monitoring energy consumption is crucial, comprehending the factors influencing energy rates is equally important. Similar to seasonal produce, energy markets fluctuate throughout the year. Understanding these cycles and knowing when to lock in prices is critical for effective energy procurement strategies. Energy policies set by government authorities can significantly impact energy prices. Economic trends, such as periods of growth or recession, can affect energy demand and prices. Businesses should consider economic indicators when forecasting energy costs. Unforeseen natural disasters or geopolitical conflicts can disrupt energy markets and lead to price volatility. Understanding contract options and aligning them with company needs is crucial for managing energy costs effectively. Different energy sources have varying price stability. While hydroelectric and nuclear power often offer stable prices, solar and natural gas prices fluctuate. By considering these factors when creating an energy budget, businesses can better anticipate and manage energy costs, contributing to financial stability and operational efficiency.

source: https://dneresources.com/six-factors-that-affect-energy-prices/


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