6 Energy Reduction Strategies Infographic

Industrial operations, with their substantial energy demands, face significant energy expenses, making it crucial to find ways to reduce consumption and costs. Conducting a comprehensive energy audit is a foundational step. A commercial energy audit company will assess everything from building specifications to the most power-hungry machines, providing a detailed report with recommendations and data insights.

Establishing an energy management team is another critical measure. This team monitors energy use and implements strategies to reduce it. In heavy industries, where energy costs are a significant part of the budget, a dedicated team ensures focused and continuous efforts toward energy efficiency. Managing your machines is paramount since they consume most electricity in industrial settings. Optimizing operations by grouping tasks and minimizing idle times can lead to substantial savings.

Additionally, consider generating energy in-house through wind, solar, hydroelectric, or geothermal systems. While such systems may not eliminate the need for external energy, they can significantly reduce your purchase amount. Don’t overlook lighting and temperature controls. Switching to efficient LED bulbs, ensuring lights are off in unused areas, and optimizing thermostat settings can yield considerable savings. Lastly, bringing in an energy consulting firm can provide expert guidance throughout the process. They can conduct audits, suggest efficiency improvements, assist with in-house generation, and help evaluate and negotiate energy procurement contracts to suit your usage patterns and needs better. These steps can help industrial operations manage energy costs effectively, ensuring budget stability and sustainability.

source: https://dneresources.com/strategies-for-industrial-companies-to-reduce-energy-consumption-and-costs/


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