6 Energy Retrofit Techniques Infographic

Improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings is increasingly vital for businesses grappling with rising energy costs and environmental concerns. Retrofitting your building provides a cost-effective and less disruptive approach to curbing energy consumption and reducing environmental impact. Replacing old HVAC with energy-efficient ones can enhance performance and reduce your carbon footprint. Optimizing existing systems offers immediate energy savings through simple adjustments without significant costs. Encourage staff involvement in energy efficiency initiatives. Integrate smart devices and automation technologies into your energy management strategy. Upgrading to LED lighting delivers immediate energy savings and offers longer-term benefits. Moreover, considering on-site energy generation through renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines further reduces energy costs and environmental impact. Retrofitting boosts sustainability and energy efficiency without needing relocation, benefiting businesses with lower energy expenses and environmental impact.

source: https://dneresources.com/six-ways-to-retrofit-your-business-for-energy-efficiency/


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