6 Intention Setting Hacks Infographic

Words matter, and “resolution” is a great example of how their meanings can evolve. This is especially true for the new year’s usage of the word. Resolutions are often associated with wishful thinking and do not lead to lifestyle changes. Therefore, we should focus on intentions instead.

What is the difference between an intention and a resolution? An intention is guided by personal values and creates a path forward, while resolutions are specific but can feel empty and stifling.

We are so accustomed to goal-setting strategies that it may take some time and practice to identify the intention behind the goal. Follow these six steps to set intentions that focus on values rather than measurement-based goals:

1. Write Down What Brings You Joy To Discover Your Core Values

Consider all activities you enjoy and identify their driving force. For instance, reading, listening to historical podcasts, and taking courses at your local community college all stem from the desire for growth and education.

2. Pick One

Narrow down your list of values to just five. Select one of these values to focus on the most, whether it’s a neglected value or one that needs to continue developing.

3. Summarize Your Intentions In A Sentence Or Two

Make sure your summary feels authentic and not awkward, since the words you choose are important. Keep it brief enough to fit on a sticky note. Once you’ve written your sentence, place it on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder. Repeat it to yourself often, turning it into a mantra or a short description to stay focused on your goals.

4. Enlist The Help Of An Accountability Partner

Instead of setting an intention in silence, share your intentions with at least one person and grant them authority to check on your progress regularly.

5. Avoid Controlling The Path Or Outcome

If you approach your goal forcefully or obsessively, your result won’t be as good as if it came naturally. Focus on the value and not on a specific outcome or route to get there. Instead, focus on the value rather than a specific outcome or route to get there.

6. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Growing and changing can be difficult. You may experience resistance from the part of yourself that wants to maintain the status quo and from others who may challenge your transformation. It’s important to remember that obstacles are not roadblocks but rather an inevitable part of the journey toward growth and change.

Better decisions are made by aligning our actions with our hearts and core values. Despite the chaos of life, taking the time to listen to our hearts can be challenging.

Engaging regularly with others who are on a similar journey can be a helpful way to stay focused. Seek out social groups or clubs of like-minded individuals to continue renewing your motivation. You can also read self-improvement books and join a book club to gain powerful insights and motivational quotes that can guide you on your journey towards achieving your intentions.

source: https://www.secretsofsuccess.com/blog/welcome-2024-good-riddance-resolutions-hello-intentions


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