6 of the Most Expensive Hats of the World Infographic

A hat is more than just a head covering; it is a fashion item that everyone regularly uses. It is well-loved by many because it comes in a wide variety of design complementing their outfits for every occasion. What makes it more desirable is the fact that one can buy it an affordable price. However, some hats go beyond the affordable price reaching thousands of dollars. This is due to the materials used, which includes precious stones, the history behind the hat, and the people who own them.

What kind of hats are these and what makes them so expensive? Who owns or wear these hats? Read on and find out.

1. Vivien Westwood Hat worn by Pharell Williams. Pharell Williams paid around $200 for the Vivien Westwood Hat he wore to the 2014 Grammys. When he auctioned the hat for the One Hand to Another charity, it reached a steep price of $44,100 and was sold.

2. Charlie Chaplin’s Bowler Hat. The iconic bowler hat was a part of the signature outfit of the comedian during the peak of his career. The hat together and cane Chaplin wore in the movie “Little Tramp” was sold in an auction in 2012 for $62,500.

3. Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding Hat. English royal weddings won’t be complete without the unique hats. One of the most memorable and expensive hats worn in recent history was worn by Princess Beatrice in 2011 during the royal wedding of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Princess Beatrice received backlash light pink bun hat featuring a giant oval and ribbon. She then decided to auction the hat charity which was sold for over $130,000. The proceeds went to the Children in Crisis and UNICEF.

4. Deep Blue Sea. Developed by the Australian milliner Ann-Maree Willet, the Deep Blue Sea hat was first displayed during the 2007 Milan Fashion Week. The hat is made from Australian wool, embellished with 26 precious opals (which was initially 28 opals but 2 was sold off the hat in 2008) weighing 1,447.5 carats. Willet worked with the opal miners Vicki and Peter Drackett and the goldsmith Gerd Gerold Schulz to complete the design. The hat is originally valued at $1 million Australian dollars, however, it is now valued at $200,000.

5. Chapeau d’Amour. Louise Mariette designed one of a kind hat for Harrods in 2004. It is known as the Chapeau d’Amour or the ‘Love Hat’ which is famously known for its bizarre design made of woven platinum, studded diamonds, and Lady Amherst pheasant feathers. The Love Hat is on display at a Christie’s gallery in London and is valued at $2.7 million.

6. The Papal Tiara Crown. This papal tiara, which is not something a princess would wear, was used from 1143 to 1963 during the papal coronation. The tiara is placed on the Pope’s head as a symbol of his authority. However, it is not the first papal tiara used but most were destroyed by invaders for financial reasons.

source: https://acmehatco.com/expensive-hats-of-the-world/


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