6 Phases of Herb Smoking Infographic

Experiencing a high is like taking a journey with different steps. It starts with a little tickle, then a burst of feeling really good. Finding the right balance is important, not going too far. Afterward, you come back down, but the desire to do it again can be strong. These are the stages that many people go through when they get high.

The Little Tickle

Right after taking a breath of cannabis, you might not feel much. Gradually, a mild stony feeling emerges as you breathe out and sometimes cough. A small tickling sensation begins in your mind. At this point, you’re mostly excited about what’s to come. It’s better not to think too hard about when the high will hit—just let it happen.

Euphoria Unleashed

If you’re hanging out with friends, things suddenly seem sillier. Jokes become funnier, and you might notice quirky things about each other. That tickle you felt earlier might start spreading through your body, creating tingles that go up and down your arms and legs. If you’re into starting your day with cannabis or using it before doing chores, you’ll probably find yourself more motivated.

The Perfect Feeling

This is the sweet spot of feeling high. Whether you’re using a vape, a one-hitter, or a bong, this is where you want to be. Music sounds better, food tastes amazing, and your friends are a blast to be around. Your mind is active enough to keep you entertained, but not so much that socializing becomes stressful or simple tasks become tricky.

This is the best time to grab some snacks, watch a movie, or listen to music with your friends. This is the most exciting part of your high but also crucial. You might want to keep smoking, but it’s best to stop here. If you keep going, you might end up…

Going Too Far

Thinking “Just one more hit won’t hurt” is a common mistake. Every cannabis user has been here. You were having fun, but suddenly everything slows down. The movie is stuck in the beginning, and your body might feel weird. It could be hard to move, and you might feel like your friends are talking about you without moving their mouths.

For beginners, this stage can be a bit overwhelming. But remember, it’s temporary. Take a sip of water, sit down, and try to stay calm. Ignore whatever strange things you’re feeling. Or embrace them—it’s up to you. Sometimes people feel anxious or sad during this phase. But don’t worry, you’ll feel better once the high wears off. If your friends are also feeling this way, try to keep them calm and comfortable.

Coming Back Down

If you’re coming down from a good high, you’ll feel relaxed. The world goes back to normal, and you might feel a bit tired, hungry, or just content. If you’re coming down from going too far, you’ll feel relieved. Everything starts to make sense again, and you trust your friends. As the high wears off, you might feel tired, and that’s okay. Sleep it off, and when you wake up, everything will be back to normal.

The Urge to Repeat

Whether you’re new to this or experienced, one thing is clear: once the high is over, you’ll want to do it again. Even if you’ve had a challenging experience, it’s still more exciting than staying home, right? When you feel the urge, it’s only a matter of time before you start the process again.

source: https://ryot.com/explaining-the-stages-of-getting-high/


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