6 Real Estate Investor Checklists Infographic

Selling your home is a significant financial decision, and entrusting the transaction to someone reliable is crucial. To ensure your home sale and financial future are in good hands, there are several steps you should take. Firstly, ask for proof from the investor demonstrating their capability to follow through with their offer. Conduct thorough research, starting with checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the company’s rating, customer complaints, and any alerts. Expect the investor to provide an earnest money deposit. Eliminate the inspection period, as genuine investors understand the property’s condition and factor it into their offer. Avoid contracts with “and/or assigns” clauses, which may indicate the intention to wholesale your home, potentially jeopardizing the sale. Be wary of email or sight-unseen offers, as reputable investors conduct due diligence and typically inspect the property before making an offer. Following these steps can help safeguard your home sale and financial interests during the process.

source: https://www.expresshomebuyers.com/sell-house/how-to-choose-a-real-estate-investor-to-buy-your-house-now/


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