6 Reasons Chefs Love Granite Countertops Infographic

In the 1880s, granite was a highly sought-after countertop material in luxurious homes. It has become so popular that almost anyone can find it within their budget and desire to renovate commercial and residential bathrooms or kitchens. Granite is one of the most desired materials for these applications due to its appearance and durability.

Chefs nationwide are beginning to recognize the value of quality countertops made from granite because of the qualities that make them ideal for heavy-duty use.

Hardness Ranking

With the Mohs Hardness Scale, rocks and gemstones have a rating of one to ten, where higher numbers indicate increased resistance. Granite falls between six and seven, arguably the most resilient natural stone countertop. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that knives won’t damage their surface or common cooking instruments cause chips or breaks.


For the enthusiastic chef, granite countertops are an ideal selection for their kitchen. Formed from cooled lava, this igneous rock is incredibly rugged and dense – hot pans, boiling water, or even cooking torches won’t affect it. In addition to its heat resistance, acidic substances like vinegar or coffee will not etch into granite due to its hardness and density. Granite suppliers usually seal it before installation. Keeping up with maintenance is simple, and preventing future stains has always been challenging.

Ease of Cleaning

Granite is a naturally resilient material and only requires occasional upkeep. Dampen a microfiber cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust on the countertops and give it that extra sparkle. If you notice an accumulation of film, some light scrubbing with dish soap should do the trick. Although granite slabs have embedded minerals that will always reflect light without polish, apply some polish if you want an added shine.


Granite is the ideal countertop selection for bustling cooks who don’t have time to wipe down their surfaces continually or those with sensitivities and contamination issues. Its non-porous surface implies that liquids, oils, and food particles won’t be absorbed into it, making it a secure option. Moreover, its scratch-resistant covering empowers you to use most cleansers without stressing over harm. Furthermore, fabricators cut granite in extensive pieces, so there are insignificant creases, including much more worth to your home’s soundest countertop decision.

Clean Living

Granite is a natural material that won’t generate formaldehyde, radon, or VOCs in your home and thus has an outstanding indoor air quality rating. Moreover, you can effortlessly refurbish granite if you decide to upgrade your countertops at some point. Additionally, it’s recyclable or reusable around the house, which further reduces its carbon footprint on the environment.


With its many shades, veining, and striking patterns, granite transforms kitchens in any way you like. Whether you’re looking to create an earthy ambiance or opt for something more contemporary with white and black slabs, there will be the perfect option for you as granite blends seamlessly into almost every decor style. Plus, since no two slabs are alike –you’ll be able to infuse your cooking creativity through truly unique accents.

Granite countertops can elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic and provide a calming cooking environment. Not only will it instantly upgrade the look of your space, but it will also give you confidence as a chef, making cooking an enjoyable experience. Investing in granite is not just about the quality of your workspace – it’s an investment in yourself.

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