6 Reasons Pedestrian Deaths Are Rising Infographic

Car accidents bring death not just to the driver but also to the pedestrians. That is why the government and other private organizations would always remind everyone to practice safety precautions every time they are driving. If you are a passenger, you must also play a part in ensuring that the driver stays focused and avoid distractions that are seen in the way. This infographic presents common reasons why pedestrian deaths are increasing. By knowing this, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, you can be proactive so you can avoid accidents, your death and that of others.

1. The modern technology generated several gadgets such as smartphones, iPads, or music players. These gadgets are used for communication, fun, and leisure. Aside from these, Bluetooth and GPS were also invented that made most people feel comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, when these gadgets are used while driving, they distract the driver’s reason for them to lose control over the wheels. If something occurs unexpectedly, their reflexes might not work well.

2. Standard Utility Vans or SUVs are also increasing and it has a direct relationship with increasing pedestrian deaths. SUVs can be driven very fast and because of its size, the views of the driver might be limited or in some cases, they won’t be able to see the pedestrian easily. Hence, if you drive an SUV, you need to be extra careful.

3. Freeways have been made available because lanes are widened due to the crowding population of a city. Because of these, pedestrians who walk along expressways may meet an accident in their way because cars are moving so fast. It must sound ironic, but that’s a fact. So, being a driver or a pedestrian does not guarantee a zero accident in arterial roads.

4. Known by almost everyone, drunk driving has been one of the major reasons why accidents happen and why pedestrian deaths are increasing. A drunk driver will have less sensitivity to the environment, less consciousness, and less control to maneuver the car. When there is a pedestrian crossing, it might register late to the mind of the driver. The result is that the driver did not see the pedestrian and death could be inevitable.

5. According to this infographic, the accident is three times higher during a left turn. This must be because you are driving on the right side and going to the left mean that there will be blind spots resulting in an inability to see the pedestrian on this side of the road.

6. Definitely, you are more prone to accidents during the night than daytime. The reason is obvious, you can’t properly see the pedestrians especially along with those areas that do not have even street lights. Also, when the pedestrian is wearing black clothes, it will be difficult for the driver to easily that a person may be standing by along the corner or if he or she is passing by the road. Hence, the pedestrians must avoid wearing black clothing during nighttime and the driver must drive slowly especially when dark hours come.

source: https://www.tingeylawfirm.com/why-are-pedestrian-deaths-rising/


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