6 Reasons to Care for Your Car Infographic

If you have owned a car for a long time now in which you simply buy and trade it in for a new one after a few years, then you can tell what is the difference between a car that was taken care of and one that has not gone to an auto repair shop. Some car owners would say that a car would need maintenance only after five years of being used. However, the truth is even if the car was bought brand new, it requires preventive maintenance so that it will not have high accumulated expenses for breakdowns, repairs and other maintenance requirements. This infographic will persuade you to bring it to an automotive repair shop, not for repair but to keep it in good condition all the time.

1. If you have plans to keep the car for good, taking care of it is a must. Using it every day requires that you also send it to maintenance check because some parts of it and even its machine may be exposed to materials that will affect its condition. Dust and moisture may cause the machine to malfunction. Without preventive maintenance, the dust will build up inside the car and ultimate ruin other critical parts.

2. Some potential car buyers look for second-hand cars. However, they also make sure that they are buying something that is worth the price tag. If your car still looks good, functioning well and still at its top performance, you can sell it a good price. Despite its depreciation cost, higher resale value is expected of a car that is clean and well maintained.

3. If you have problems with the performance of your car like it is hard to control its brakes, difficult to maneuver or stops from time to time, your car might need some cleaning. To ensure that the car always performs best, taking care of its parts, engines, brakes, clutches, etc. is a must for every owner.

4. You would often blame it on the engine or car model when the car breaks down while you are on a trip going to the countryside where repairs shop may not be available. However, you actually should blame it on the driver because he or she fails to check whether the car is still in good condition or not. Not because the car looks cleaned outside, it is also cleaned inside. Remember that ordinary washing can’t penetrate through the edges of the critical parts of the car. So, if you have plans to have a weekend getaway, visit the auto repair shop first before going.

5. The price of gas has always been fluctuating erratically and it is costing drivers a lot. But, your expenses on gas might double if you don’t do maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations. Though you are spending for it at one time, you save a few dimes on gas expenses.

6. It may not have a financial value, but peace of mind should be your main concern. If you are confident with the car’s condition before you set on the road, you will have peace of mind because you knew that the chance of meeting an accident is less. Thus, you can focus on your driving without worrying about whether the car will break down or not.

source: https://burtbrothers.com/blog/preventive-maintenance-for-your-car/


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