6 Reasons You Should be Anodizing Infographic

Anodizing converts a metal surface into a durable and decorative finish. It is an electrochemical method usually done on aluminum and other metals to produce anodized alloys that are used in many machines like satellites. The process of anodizing is done by plunging the aluminum into an acid electrolyte bath then passing it into electric current through the medium. Inside an anodizing tank, a cathode is attached. With the aluminum acting as an anode, the oxygen ions are released from the electrolyte, and combine with the aluminum atoms at the surface. The whole process of anodizing is a matter of highly controlled oxidation or enhancement of a naturally occurring phenomenon. Now that you know how the anodizing process goes, it’s time to know why you should anodize. Here are 6 reasons that will convince you of how good anodizing can do to aluminum.

1. It’s aesthetic. The anodizing process highlights the metallic elegance of aluminum. The increasing number of gloss and color alternative are made available without minimizing or eliminating the color variation.

2. It’s durable. Anodized aluminum parts don’t need to be replaced or maintained often. The process prolonged the lifespan of the parts and provided economic gains. In strained condition, an anodized aluminum part is ideal and the result of the reacted finish can be incorporated into the underlying aluminum for unparalleled adhesion and bonding. When compared to raw parts anodized alloys last longer even with a thinner coating and supply a harder surface. It is something powders and paints cannot achieve. If you need parts that have improved resistance to corrosion and abrasion then you should anodize aluminum. The anodized parts also offer thermal insulation and can endure harsh environments.

3. Can be easily maintained. The durability traits of anodized aluminum are unmatched to those that did not undergo the process. Anodized alloys require minimal effort, washing them with mild soap and water can restore its profile. If there are challenging deposits, it can be treated with mild abrasive cleaners.

4. There is a color stability. Anodizing aluminum will give you an exterior surface that provides good protection against UV rays. It also provides long-term color preservation and protection from different contaminants in the environment.

5. It is safe for the health. There are no harmful impacts on human health when you anodize aluminum. You can rest assured that the finish is chemically stable, non-toxic, and heat-resistant. Another Earth-friendly property of anodized alloys is that they are recyclable. And most importantly, the post-processing technique is affordable when compared to powder coating and painting. Always remember that the thicker and higher the quality of anodic coating, the longer they’ll last and endure many wear and tear.

6. The quality is guaranteed. The anodizing process has high precision and strict standards. The majority of people who specialize in this process adopt the best practices and procedures as they continue to work on it. Whether you are buying anodized metals for personal use or resell, you can conform to the safety and environmental processes.

source: https://www.goldplating.com/blogs/news/everything-you-need-to-know-about-anodizing


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