6 Security Principles That Never Go Out of Style Infographic

When you speak of safety and security, it could pertain to important files kept on your company’s server or facilities that are operated automatically through a control room. Regardless of the type of security that your company is having, principles of keeping it safe at all times are the same. Technology offers advancement in keeping your company safe from bad people especially terrorists that want access to your financial records. On the other hand, technology improves your system and those of others. If you are not proactive in monitoring your safety techniques, others can breach it easily. This infographic provides some principles that can help you in updating your security system.

1. Doors are locked to ensure that no one enters without permission. Same is true with security systems. You should lock it all the time and can only be accessed when there is a command done by a person in authority. You can use passcodes to lock your system. There are also security systems that make use of thumb mark, password or retina.

2. Always review your security system and check on its weaknesses. For example, if the system has an old version of a firewall, upgrading it may be necessary. Hackers will take these weaknesses as an entry point to infiltrate your system and be able to access and transfer your files. Remember that there is no perfect system, but patching on your weaknesses can minimize risks.

3. Limited Accessibility. You can’t let anyone access your system. This makes you prone to hacking and unauthorized access of external person. Even if you have a multi-level security system, providing access to the least number of people possible can minimize risks of a security breach. It is advised that only those who have the highest stake in the system must be allowed to access it. Even the vendor of the system should not be allowed access without permission.

4. Make extra considerations in having entry and exit points. Having too many entry/exit areas appear encouraging for bad people to get inside. You must be proactive and strategically locate where the entry/exit areas should be.

5. Do periodic system audit. It is often neglected because they think that buying a new system from a known vendor provides a hundred percent secured facility. However, this is not the case all the time. Technology changes so fast and an installed security system can be accessed by others through a more advanced technology. Keep it updated all the time.

6. Do background checks before buying the system from a vendor. Some vendors can trace all the data installed in the system and they can sell it to cybercriminals. Hence, investments in security systems should require thorough analysis before choosing a supplier. Some companies opt to buy their security systems in other countries where checking backgrounds can be done with much difficulty.

7. These are just principles that you can follow when you have are about to buy an identity security software. Remembering these principles will allow you to make good decisions when it comes to safeguarding your company’s assets and information.

source: https://www.ident.solutions/security-principles-that-never-go-out-of-style/


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