6 Tips on Dog Bite Injuries Infographic

Dogs are sweet and loving creatures, but they can be unpredictable if injured, sick, overstimulated, or frightened. When facing an aggressive dog, it is important to stay calm and still, turn sideways to avoid a staring contest, move slowly to avoid startling the dog, back away, and use something between you to protect yourself from the attack. If the dog bites you, go into the fetal position, ensuring your knees protect your stomach and your arms protect your face, ears, and neck.

After a biting incident, it is crucial to take steps to get your medical bills covered and prevent the dog from biting someone else in the future. This includes staying calm, turning sideways, moving slowly, backing away, and allowing the dog to bite something between you and the person. By following these steps, you can help prevent future bites and ensure the safety of your dog.

Dogs can indicate aggression by their intense stare, stiff tail, warning lips, raised hair, back away when approached, lower brow, tongue flicks, and wide eyes. It’s best to let the dog approach you first to avoid heightening their already on-edge emotions.

When Facing An Aggressive Dog

Often, encountering an aggressive dog can be due to various factors, including their personality, past experiences, or a combination of both. To handle such situations, it’s crucial to remain calm, avoid staring, move slowly, and keep the dog in sight. If the dog attacks, allow it to bite something between you. If the dog does attack, position yourself in the fetal position, ensuring your stomach and arms are protected. This approach can help prevent further aggression and ensure a safe encounter.

After a Biting Incident

If a dog bites you or a loved one, you can claim medical bills and prevent future bites by following these steps.

Document The Attack

To handle a dog biting incident, gather the owner’s and responsible person’s names, if the dog doesn’t have an owner nearby. If the dog doesn’t have an owner, contact animal control. Gather the dog’s name, description, and vaccination records. Record the incident in detail to avoid forgetting it later. Take photos of injuries, the scene, and the dog if possible.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

If you have a dog’s mouth infection, it’s crucial to see a doctor immediately to prevent serious infections caused by bacteria. If you don’t have the dog’s immunization records, rabies shots may be necessary. The doctor will sterilize the wound, close it if stitches are needed, and prescribe medication to prevent infection.

Report The Bite

Report dog bites to public health or animal control officials to document your case and ensure the dog’s record is maintained. Reporting unusual aggression can save lives.

Contact Your Personal Injury Attorney

Animal bite cases are complex, with potential parties claiming harassment, false claims, insurance policy increases, or lack of insurance. If the dog owner fails to control their dog, they are responsible for damages, including medical bills. A dog bite attorney can help understand state laws and apply them to your case, ensuring you are adequately compensated for your injuries.

Dog bites are a common occurrence, although the number is smaller compared to the number of pet dogs in the nation.

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