6 Tips to Strengthen Your Company’s Security Infographic

The security awareness summarizes the knowledge and behaviors of people within an organization that has a concern to the protection either of physical or information assets. Security awareness at the same time sums up the difficult parts of the security management combined.

Meanwhile, there are no zero risks and security awareness is not enough to prevent employees from making mistakes. That is why there are procedures and policies which can be put in place to mitigate risks.

However, how can you do? Or make your team prepared or be aware of the security risks?

Read below to get you started:

1. Evaluate The Access Points

Determine how many entrances you have in your facility. Are they all adequately protected? If no one can impersonate a delivery person or a member of the custodial staff which gains access to your buildings. So make sure that your measures in place to examine all guests at every entry point.

Also, installing surveillance cameras in each entry is a big help in every company’s security.

2. Make Sure To Update Security Documents

In each year always provides great incentive to review policies, update the company’s documents and disseminate new security guidelines to your employees.

The documents should tackle such as door-locking policy, the access permission to each entry points, password storage policies, the process for handling lost or stolen ID incidents, guest entry procedures, cyber or network permission, etc.

3. Each Company Should Educate Their Employees

We always heard this saying “Knowledge is power” that most employees should understand about protecting the company’s assets. If a company’s management handles their employees well, obviously these individuals will support the companies more.

4. Installing Tracking Devices

In case you do not maintain tight control of your electronic device, you are actually opening the door to everyone to walk off with devices with sensitive data. Thus, keeping a detailed inventory of all of your devices, so make sure to specify who monitors them. Also, know who uses them whether or not they can be taken off the premises.

5. Ensure to Denote High-security Areas

Take note, no all assets are created equal. For instance, to some computers or hard drives may able to store especially of sensitive information.

Ensure to keep these assets in high-security places along with ID screening process at the entry point. Make use of the NCIC background check software to verify personnel before giving them access to these areas.

6. Consider To Add Privacy Monitors To All The Computers

This actually a simple way to warn unauthorized users off of the computers, this helps to reduce risks. Make sure to secure the company by prioritizing physical security as a key success to the company’s overall protection.

By reducing risks, is not just about having rules or restrictions. Promoting effective security awareness for all your peers will help. Moreover, the level of awareness and knowledge of the cyber risk may help your organization or company to be secured to the possible attack.

source: https://www.ident.solutions/new-years-resolution-strengthen-physical-security/


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