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Do you hide your true emotions or intent through a wide smile? What could be the look of your smile? Is it something believable or fake? There are also people who because of wearing braces, they tend to smile widely either to show that they have accessorized their teeth or they are really fond of smiling and the braces made them more confident of doing it. For those who have sought the help of a Utah dentist, they are more confident to smile and it will create a pleasant aura. However, there are others who smile because they were forced to do so, or because they need to fake it so that people would think that they are approachable. Others don’t smile a lot because they have crooked teeth. Just before you judge someone on the way they smile, look at this infographic first.

1. To smile or not to smile? A person caught off guard and fears that she will be found out will have a fearful smile. How does it look? They call a chimpanzee look alike smile but it does not mean that your face looks like a chimp. It’s just that the way you clenched your jaws and awkwardly smile without showing your teeth is an instinctual facial expression of a chimp. Wearing a fearful smile provides an impression of low self-confidence and that anytime an opponent can strike.

2. A genuine smile referred to as the Duchenne Smile. You will look beautiful with this smile. You will appear certainly happy with what you see or feel. Your lips are extended and you show your teeth. Your eyes also seem to smile and there are a few lines showing under your eyes. With this smile, you appear to have high cheekbones which make women look even more beautiful. Have a genuine smile when you make friends.

3. It is a little intimidating to see but a fake smile is also common. There are a few individuals who do not really show their emotions when they are happy. Because they try to suppress their emotions, their smiles look fake. On the other hand, a fake smile can also be seen to a person who has a different motive other than what he or she really says. The smile is deliberate and the lips are protruding and their eyes don’t smile. The overall face looks incredibly serious.

4. Can you still remember your most embarrassing moment? What did you do to hide from such shame? Surely, you simply smiled. It is a different smile because it is pretty wide yet you cover your face. Cheeks go up but your lips are sealed and the corners of the mouth are down. Remember your face trying to avoid the shame by simply smiling or laughing at it.

5. A qualifier smile is the happiest of all. With eyes getting bigger, mouth opening a little bit, cheekbones getting higher and teeth all showing up, this could be the most exuberant expression an accomplished person has.

source: https://www.feltfamilydentistry.com/types-of-smiles/


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