6 Types of Spare Tires Infographic

Bringing spare tires all the time can be one of the neglected important safety precautions done by a driver. Some people will just go out and sometimes the travel time is very long like travelling from one state to another or going to mountainous areas to visit a friend or family members. Passing through different kinds of roads means that your tires will be prone to many road obstacles that may cause your tires to get flat. If this happens, it becomes a problem for both the driver and the passengers. To avoid this from happening and keep your journey more enjoyable ensures that you have a spare tire whenever and wherever your family goes. This infographic will discuss the different spare tires that you can choose from.

1. Of course, it is recommended that you get a full size matching spare tire. The spare tire has the exactly the same specs with the tires that you are using. It will make the car look better because it is matching well with it. If the concern is into the aesthetics of the car, then, the full-size matching spare tire is the one recommended for you.

2. It is possible that you can’t find an exactly matching spare tire. There is also a full-size nonmatching spare tire. The size is exactly what you need for your car but its specifications are different from the tires that you are already using. This kind of tires must not be used as one of your rotation tires.

3. For emergency cases wherein your tires got flat in a place far from house and you buy spare tire from a nearby auto repair shop, choosing compact temporary spare tire is also a good option. However, this kind of spare tire should not be used for many months because it is lightweight and it has shallow thread dept. Most of all, you need to change this tire as soon as possible because this might affect the performance of your car.

4. It is not always possible that you buy the same exact spare tire from an auto repair shop or even in spare parts buy and sell the store. However, what if you badly need the replacement tire because you still have to travel? If you can get a full-size temporary tire, that would be better than running flat. It does match your tire size specification, however, the tire is of lower quality than your tires. It is constructed very lightly and it won’t be able to sustain long term usage. Therefore, you must change it as soon as you find a full size matching spare tire.

5. A folding temporary spare tire is a kind that can be brought easily because it is foldable. However, along with the tire, you need to bring an electric pump or air canister because you will need to inflate it before using. Still, it is a good choice if your car has a small compartment.

6. Run-flat tires are ones used for BMW cars. What is a great deal about this type of tire? You can continue driving even if your tires are flat until you find the nearest auto repair shop.

source: https://burtbrothers.com/blog/what-to-know-about-spare-tires/


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