6 Ways to Appreciate Clients with Unique Gifts Infographic

Giving thoughtful gifts is one of the best ways to show someone you appreciate them. This also applies to the corporate world as it can build loyalty with your clients. How? Clients feel their business is valued and think positively about the company. They will continue to do business with you making your company an industry leader. If you are looking for ways to make your clients feel appreciated, here are some great ideas you can try.

Spruce Up The Workplace

Give your client something that will make not only their day but also their office more cheerful. A real or fake plant will do! If you decide on a real plant, opt for a low-maintenance option like an air plant or a succulent. For an artificial plant, choose one of high quality and a realistic appearance. A wonderful artwork or conversation piece is another excellent way to make their workspace more pleasant.

Put it in Writing

Placing your company’s logo on something they frequently use is a fantastic way to express your gratitude and remind them who gave the gift. Some examples are a good pen set, a wall or desk calendar, a date or address stamp, or a premium leather notepad. Your logo on these common office supplies can help clients remember you, which can affect their future purchasing decision.

Brighten The Break Room

Why not deliver your customer specialty teas or fine coffee to up the ante in their break room? You can even decide to purchase the coffee or tea from the local neighborhood coffee shop. You can also consider organizing a catered lunch for your client’s workplace. This is a beautiful choice if you want to incorporate the entire office but don’t have a huge budget.

Tech Assistance

Send your client a present they can use frequently. Everyone uses technology these days. Headphones or earbuds are a great choice, especially for those who share an office. You can also get them a complimentary item for their workstation, like a mouse pad with your company’s logo or a dock for charging their devices. Accessories for computers and cell phones, such as portable chargers or laptop bags, maybe a game-changer for a client who is constantly on the road.

Food is Life

Everyone loves food and wants to indulge occasionally. So why not offer your client something that will please their palate? One option is sending a basket filled with fruits, bread, and regional delights. Or how about a package of cookies? You can make an edible present big enough to send to a person or the entire office.

Prove You are Familiar With Them

Even if your interactions with your client are mostly business-related, you can develop stronger bonds with them to encourage loyalty and trust. Asking about their personal lives shows your concern for them. And even better, you can send them a personalized present once you find out what they like to do for fun. It may be customized golf balls, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, a kit for brewing beer, a present that features their beloved pet, or even a contribution to their chosen charity.

Now is The Time

Now that you know what kind of gifts to offer your clients, you might be wondering when the best time to send them. Simple, anytime. While major holidays are the apparent time to give business presents, doing so unexpectedly can have a significant impact. When you show your clients you care about them every day of the year, not just on special occasions, they will know you appreciate them.

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