6 Ways to Better Understand Seasonal Depression Infographic

It is easy to judge a person and make assumptions on why they have gone depressed. You can’t really tell who will be depressed. Not all of those who experience failures in life will be depressed. But, most of all, not all of those who are considered happy and successful in this life will never experience depression. It can happen to anyone at any age at any time in life. If you are a concerned citizen and you understand how a person feels when they are depressed, what caused them to be in such situation and how you can assess whether the person is really depressed, you can take actions to prevent further damages such as suicide or mental disorder. This infographic will be of great help to people who are suffering from depression and those who know someone who is in this state.

1.If you are going to research on what really causes depression, you will get a thousand results. But not all of these results will be applicable to a person. No research has found out the real reason for a person to get depressed. They will just tell you to support them in any way you can.

2. When can you say that a person is depressed? There are behavioral symptoms that you must watch out for. Usually, a depressed person has no appetite and no energy to get by in everyday activities. They have difficulty sleeping at night and waking up in the morning. You can sense that they are always irritable and simple things annoy them so much. If the person is your partner, you can say that they are depressed if they don’t have sex drives. Actually, when you feel that someone is behaving differently, you have to observe them so you can provide intervention as soon as possible.

3. If depression is not that deep and a psychiatrist is not yet needed, you can still try herbal remedies such as St. John’s Wort and Rhodiola Rosea. Most of the herbal remedies provide relief from depression but it has some risks so better check with a doctor if you can take any of it.

4. Another possible way to recover from depression is by experimenting with aromatherapy. Essential oils aroma can improve your physical and psychological state.

5. Diversion is an alternative strategy often used by depressed people. They would file a leave from the office for a week or more, pack their bags and find a beautiful place where they can release the loneliness or stress that they feel. If you are feeling depressed right now, you must get a vacation even if you don’t have to go somewhere because of financial limitations, you can simply find a different place that you don’t usually see or visited. You can also opt for adventures or things you have not done before.

6. Remind yourself that depression is a thing that everybody shares. You can recover from it if you take life more positively. Get support from the people you love. You can also join some clubs or groups because it could be an effective avenue to free yourself from darkness brought by depression.

source: https://healthylifestyle.org/help-for-seasonal-depression/


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