6 Ways to Keep Gold Plated Jewelry from Tarnishing Infographic

When it comes to jewelry – this is never easy to choose nor easy to have one. Even though we wanted to get the finest quality of gold but our budget may not agree with us most of the times.

If couldn’t make it in our budget another option is to buy “gold plated jewelry.” This is a great alternative if you are looking for an accessory or to gift someone which will not break your bank. Gold plated accessories such as bracelets, rings or name necklace are a perfect gift to oneself.

However, what is this Gold plating method?

Well, this is a process where a thin layer of gold is placed on to cover the surface of another material. These days, wearing gold plated jewelry is not just for those who cannot afford a piece of full gold jewelry. They are also well-known with trendsetters because of its practicality. Also, it is available in a variety of styles and designs that goes well with any types of fashion clothes. Wearing the quality gold plated accessories are same as wearing the real gold jewelry.

Since it is made of gold plated, you probably worried that it may wear out in the long run. To help you decrease the chances of tarnishing, below are the easiest ways to keeping the quality of your gold plated jewelry. Because, of the thin layer of the gold plated, you have to take some extra caution to maximize the lifespan of your jewelry.

Here are the 6 steps to taking care of your Gold plated jewelry

1. Remove gold plated jewelries before exercising or swimming

Our sweat creates chemical reactions just like perfumes, chlorine and even nail polish. So be sure to remove it all before swimming and exercising to prevent blemishes and the chances of wear out.

2. Put on gold plated jewelry after any cosmetics have been absorbed

Always wait a minute or two to put on your jewelry. This may help you to be certain that your applied cosmetics such liquid makeup has dried completely.

Take note, personal care products such as lotion, toner, perfumes, and any liquid cosmetics or not may blemish your jewelry if they come in contact with it while wet.

3. Do not spray perfume especially on gold plated jewelry

If you prefer to use cologne or perfume on a daily basis, spray it on your body before wearing your gold plated jewelry. The perfumes and body sprays may defile the metal of your jewelry that may result in looking stained or blemished.

4. Clean the gold plated jewelry periodically

The gold plated jewelry should be cleaned on a regular basis. Make it a habit even if you are sure that it has not exposed to any type of chemical substances. But it is been in contact with the skin, where your skin does perspire.

Cleaning your jewelry is not that difficult. Just mix few drops of mild liquid detergent and soak in warm water. After that rinse it with a solution and allow it to air dry. And it’s done!

5. Polish the gold plated jewelry using a microfiber cloth

After you wash and air dry your accessories, buff it with soft microfiber cloth over time. Oil can make the gold flake off but buffing can help minimize oils.

6. Keep the gold plated jewelry in a plastic bag

When you are not using your accessories, better put it in a plastic bag. Make sure to remove the excess air by squeezing and seal it. Why? Because of the lack of oxygen in the bag will help keep the gold plated jewelry shiny and bright, remember put only one piece of a jewel in each plastic bag to avoid scratching.

So, you all have these steps guiding you to take care of your jewelry in a cool dry place. Keep it away from the humidity to maintain its shine and brightness. By following all of these, you may have those beautiful, vibrant jewels for years to come.

Another thing is you shouldn’t lose hope if the thin layer of your jewelry gets blemishes or stained. It actually can be fixed, you just have to call or research gold plating jeweller to fix it.

source: https://www.goldplating.com/blogs/news/tips-to-keep-gold-plated-jewelry-from-tarnishing


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