6 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Cool in Summer Infographic

When summertime comes, even dogs would like to get away from the scorching heat. They would want to do something and they want you to give them something that will ease the heat that they are feeling. There are lots of things that you can do to make your dogs feel happy even if the heat of the sun is like burning them. This infographic will give you some tips you can do for the summer.

1. An icy treat could put a smile into the face of your pet dog. You can also see them wagging their tails. The coldness that they can feel inside their mouth can make them feel relieved from too much heat. Don’t you feel the same way, too?

2. Who does not want a good swim during summer? In as much as you love to do it, your dogs want it too. If you are living far on a beach and there is no swimming pool in your house, you can have a do-it-your own swimming pool for the dog. A paddling pool is a nice place where they can swim like a child. However, you must watch over them while they are swimming or playing in the paddling pool because too much time spent on swimming might not be good for their body.

3. Don’t you pity dogs that keep on barking because you leave them inside the car? If you think that leaving the windows open will not cause overheating, you must have second thoughts about it. Even if the windows are open, leaving your dog unattended is not recommended.

4. When the temperature is too high, having extended exercise will do no good to your pet’s body. Just like the kids who tend to play extensively even if the sun is tormenting to them because they are happy, you may neglect the fact that dogs may also get overly exhausted. Therefore, you must always be extra cautious about the time that the dog has been exercising

5. Dogs love to walk and run along the pavements. However, because of too much heat, the road could also get hot that could burn their paws. So, don’t let them walk on sands and roads made of asphalt as it could be dangerous for them. Instead, train them to walk in grassy areas.

6. The body gets easily dehydrated when the heat index is too high. Sometimes, it even causes certain diseases that can cause a person to experience heatstroke. Just like humans, a dog can also get dehydrated because of too much heat. One way to solve this problem is to always keep a drinking bowl with water near your pet’s house.

7. Dogs are man’s best friend because they can be trusted; you can play with them and even feel whenever they are sad, happy or having health problems. With climate change, the heat can be tormenting for these little guys so you need to be sensitive about their conditions too. Keeping an eye on them during the summer season can prolong their life.

source: https://www.petminerals.com/how-to-keep-your-dogs-cool-in-summer/


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