6 Ways to Prepare Returning to the Workforce Infographic

Making the option to return to the workforce and find a full-time job can be challenging. Nonetheless, making a conscious effort to get ready for this historic occasion will help position you for success in your job hunt.

1. Evaluate Your Circumstances

Your current requirements and desires must be taken into account while deciding what kind of career is appropriate for you. Has your interest after leaving your previous employment changed? Do you require flexibility in your schedule to accommodate obligations to your family? Which kind of employment gives you the greatest fulfillment? Your responses will help you narrow down your job search and choose a career that complements your personal life.

2. Update Your Resumé

It’s time to dust out your old resumé since you’re about to start a job search. Examine your background, abilities, achievements, and employment history. Is it still applicable in the work market today? Unfortunately, if you don’t use some abilities, especially those in the technology sector, they might rapidly become obsolete. You might want to think about participating in a certification program to keep your abilities up to date in order to boost your resume.

3. Review, Update, and Create Social Media Accounts

Our personal, social, and professional lives are centered on social media, and your profiles provide employers with a brief overview of who you are and whether or not you are qualified for the position. A 2020 Harris Poll study found that 71% of hiring decision-makers said that screening job candidates by looking at their social media profiles was a good approach to do it.

4. Update Your Networks

Finding out about job openings by word of mouth is highly recommended. Befriend your neighbors, former coworkers, and pals. Inform them that you are looking for work. One of them might be able to provide a lead on an interesting possibility. Think about becoming a member of organizations for professionals, going to conferences, and networking events. Get to know people who are employed in the field you want to be in while you are there.

5. Start Small

It might be difficult to shift back into a full-time position. It could be exhausting psychologically and physically. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You already know how to do it, so you can do it again. Accepting a part-time, independent contractor, or volunteer employment in the meantime may make it simpler for you to take things slowly. All of these choices will enable you to hone your abilities and gain experience as you think about what you want from a long-term, full-time job.

6. Prepare for the Interview

Answering interview questions in front of a buddy could feel awkward. However, looking for the right response at a job interview with a qualified recruiter might have long-term repercussions. To assist you in getting ready, ask a previous coworker, spouse, or mentor. Practice responding to interview questions, especially the ones that will undoubtedly come up. Be ready to convincingly describe what you did during that period and the reasons you decided against seeking employment.

source: https://perelson.com/6-ways-to-prepare-to-re-enter-the-workforce/


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