6 Ways to Store Your Jewelry in Style Infographic

Men and women all over the world tend to buy jewelry to adorn their body so they would look elegant and sophisticated. Some would also consider it a status symbol. Wearing gold or diamond jewelry will capture the attention of other people. More so, if you speak of financial considerations, jewelry is cash equivalents which are liquid and easy to access. Others buy jewelry so that they can also make use of it when financial problems come. Because of these reasons for acquiring jewelry, these expensive items must be stored in containers that will look safe and presentable at the same time. This infographic provides six jewelry containers that you can buy from any shopping or jewelry centers. Choose which one you think is suited to your personality and style.

1. If you are the kind of person who wishes that all of the jewelry is located in one place only, multipack compartments should be your first option. It will separate your earrings, bracelets and other jewelry that you own. Most of all, it comes at reasonable prices.

2. What about driftwood displays? Some women prefer easy ways to keep their earrings and other jewelry items. A driftwood display can be perfect for people who like sophisticated and Turkish style display. However, you need to make sure that the driftwood display is located in a safe and secured area.

3. Glass vials are also an elegant container for your jewelry. It has cork stoppers that could appear like fish hooks. It is affordable yet it ensures that your jewelry will not be exposed to moisture. However, you can only have one type of jewelry per vial. Unlike with the multipack compartments, you can’t put all items in one container.

4. Putting all of your jewelry in one box can result in scratches because the jewelries are in contact with each other. That is why it is recommended that you buy valet travel cases because it provides separate containers for each type of jewelry. More so, valet travel cases are light to carry and if you feel like wearing different types of jewelry on every occasion that you are going to attend, this type of container will fit your needs. Lastly, you can keep the jewelry in a safety box if it is too valuable.

5. If you want to add another décor inside your house or your room and at the same time hold the jewelry, a tree branch can also be a good option. Cut dried tree branch, place it in a ceramic dish, add some pebbles and put nails where you can hang your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and even rings.

6. However, if your ultimate purpose to provide cushion for your jewelry, what you need is an interior upholstered in plush fabric. Use an anti-tarnish strip to avoid discoloration and tarnishing and keep the glow and brightness of the jewelry.

7. You can also think of customized container boxes for your jewelry. What matters is that your jewelry’s protection is the utmost priority.

source: https://www.goldplating.com/blogs/news/store-your-jewelry-in-high-style


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