6 Ways to Take Care of Your Car During Fall infographic

How long have you been driving your car? Have you seen how the environment could change when seasons change? What are some of the preparations you must make to ensure that you will not meet an accident while having a trip even if there is rain or snow? Vehicular accidents happen more often when roads are slippery caused by snow. Hence, you must check your car before summer switches off. For newbie car owners, you might not be familiar yet with car parts and its maintenance. You can visit servicing your areas of your car provider or an automotive repair shop near your area. Prior to going there, read this infographic so you can have an idea on which parts of the vehicle you must be more particular with.

1. Checking the tires is a necessity not just for one season but for the entire year. Tires get busted due to wear and tear. More so, it could turn uncontrollable due to slippery roads. When this happens, accidents may be inevitable. However, you don’t need to immediately change your tires. You just need to ensure that it is still in good condition to be used for a long drive during the fall season. Things to check on your tires include tread, pressure, rotation, alignment, and balance

2. Summer season is a good time to drive for hours and go to many places. Sometimes you open the windows to feel the breeze of the wind but most of the time you use the air conditioning system. Turning it off during winter means that you are going to switch on the heating system. How sure are you that it will work effectively for the entire fall and winter season? Before the summer totally ends, have it checked by an auto repair shop. Having it repaired during winter may delay other important things you are supposed to do during this season.

3. Regardless of the season, brakes condition should be a top priority because a faulty brake system may cause you a life. More especially during fall and winter season where roads are not very ideal for travelling, brakes should be in its best condition so that you can maneuver the car efficiently. A lot of accidents happen because brakes broke down and the driver was not able to control the car.

4. Unless you want to stop in the middle of the road while getting frozen by the snow, check your battery every time you are going off places. Does it charge well? Is there a sign of corrosion? Should you replace it? Can it still be used even if the temperature drops to negative degree Celsius? If you can’t assess the condition of the batter, get an expert to help you.

5. Not just to light your way but also to signal others about the direction that you are taking, lighting systems should be maintained well whether you travel by day or night. However, during fall and winter season, nights seemed to be much longer than daytime. Sunsets very early and darkness seem to cover the road. More so, sometimes your lights are becoming foggy because of snow.

source: https://burtbrothers.com/blog/how-to-take-care-of-your-car-during-fall/


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