7 Alcohol Drinking Facts Infographic

A person diagnosed with alcohol use disorder (AUD) suffers from alcohol dependence, which can be physical, emotional, or both. Treatment for AUD by alcohol rehab professionals varies based on the addiction’s severity. Drinking heavily, even occasionally, increases the risk of addiction, linking it to accidents, mental health issues, and other serious problems. Recently, choosing sobriety has gained respect, with more people opting for non-alcoholic options in social settings. Understanding your limits is crucial since all alcohol is quickly absorbed by the body, regardless of type. Contrary to old beliefs, recent research shows that all alcohol is toxic to the body, debunking the idea that moderate drinking is beneficial. Alcoholism can affect anyone, often starting from simple curiosity, peer pressure, or as a response to trauma. AUD is a disease similar to cancer or asthma, requiring professional help to overcome. Detoxing alone can be dangerous due to severe withdrawal symptoms influenced by usage, age, and health. However, recovery is achievable, with many people successfully overcoming AUD through public and private treatment programs.

source: https://renaissanceranch.net/7-myths-and-facts-about-alcohol-use-disorder/


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