7 Booze Handling Tips Infographic

Big events are supposed to be enjoyable, but excessive alcohol can have a negative impact on any event. Here are some tips to help keep alcohol consumption under control and ensure everyone has a great time. One effective way to prevent guests from getting overly intoxicated on an empty stomach is to serve food throughout the night. Serving food continuously helps line your guests’ stomachs and can mitigate the effects of alcohol. Introducing magnificent mocktails can also help. Create drool-worthy non-alcoholic options that look even more appealing than the cocktails. If the mocktails are visually stunning, guests will naturally be drawn to them, reducing their alcohol intake. Another strategy is to cap alcohol service. Remember, it’s your event, and you set the rules. You don’t need to have an open bar all night. You can stop drink service halfway through if the reception is long, which may disappoint some, but it’s for the best. If you’re concerned about guests overindulging, consider not having an open bar. Instead, select specific alcoholic beverages like champagne, wine, and beer. Perhaps you want to avoid shots at your wedding and keep it classy with just champagne for toasts. If your budget allows, hiring a professional to manage drunken situations can be a wise move. This person can discreetly handle issues without drawing attention away from the event. Another effective tactic is closing the bar during meals and placing only a bottle of champagne on each table. This encourages guests to stay seated, converse, and enjoy their meal instead of frequently going to the bar. Using smaller glasses is a subtle yet effective trick. Opt for tall glasses with less volume rather than wide ones. Guests typically order the same number of drinks but will consume less if the glass holds less. Enjoying alcohol at a celebration is fine, but it’s important to set limits. By following these tips, you can ensure your event remains elegant and enjoyable while keeping alcohol consumption in check.

source: https://andrewrobyevents.com/how-to-ensure-your-guests-handle-their-booze-responsibility-at-your-event/


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