7 DOT Exam Facts Infographic

Hiring at a trucking company involves DOT regulations. Requiring new hires to undergo a DOT physical exam provides benefits. Including the DOT physical exam as part of the pre-hire requirements ensures compliance for two years and avoids fines for expired medical cards. Requiring a recent physical exam shifts liability from the company, protecting against errors by previous employers or medical examiners. The exam screens for physical or mental issues that may affect driving ability, preventing surprises and ensuring the safety of the driver and the public. A recent exam can reveal any health changes or injuries affecting the driver’s ability to perform their duties safely. Requiring recent drug testing ensures compliance with federal regulations, protects against safety risks, and reduces potential lawsuits. Updated medical certificates in driver’s files ensure FMCSA compliance and simplify audits. Requiring the exam at the start of employment establishes expectations for compliance with DOT regulations and sets a precedent for ongoing compliance protocols. Overall, requiring new hires to undergo a DOT physical exam before starting work can be a smart move both legally and logistically, ensuring compliance, safety, and peace of mind for the employer and the driver alike.

source: https://teamcme.com/7-reasons-you-should-require-all-new-hires-have-a-dot-exam/


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