7 Energy Conservation Ideas for Companies Infographic

Energy costs are a major business expense, but they can be managed. Here’s a guide to help you reduce energy costs and increase environmental responsibility. Understanding your company’s power usage is best achieved through an energy audit. While many energy companies offer free or low-cost audits, comprehensive audits provide even more insight. An in-depth evaluation will look at everything from your building’s condition and insulation to the age and condition of your machinery. Incorporate periodic maintenance and cleaning of your machinery into your staff’s responsibilities. If you’re on a variable-rate energy contract with higher charges during peak times, schedule energy-intensive tasks for off-peak hours to save money. Also, lighting is a big part of your energy expenses. Switching to LED lights and using natural light can help you use less energy. Most businesses need to stay connected to the grid for reliability, but investing in on-site energy generation can save money and is environmentally friendly. Each company is unique, so there are different opportunities to save energy. Analyze how and where you use energy to make improvements. Work with energy consultants who specialize in understanding commercial energy use and contracts to optimize energy procurement and reduce expenses. They can help find energy auditors and negotiate future contracts.

source: https://dneresources.com/power-up-your-profits-energy-conservation-tips-for-businesses/


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