7 Frequent Mover Tips Infographic

Moving frequently can teach you a lot, but there are always new tips to make the process smoother. One valuable strategy is to keep your moving boxes after each move. This avoids the expense of buying new ones every time. Break down and store the flatpack boxes for future use, keeping items organized by packing the same things in the same boxes. Only unpack what you’ll use immediately, leaving seasonal or infrequently used items packed away. For frequent movers, investing in practical, easy-to-move furniture is crucial. Avoid large, cumbersome pieces to transport and may not fit in your next space.

Quality personal items and appliances you need in every home, like shower curtains, bathroom mats, and kitchen essentials, are worth investing in. This approach is cost-effective compared to buying cheap items repeatedly. Moving is also a great opportunity to declutter. Use each move to eliminate unnecessary items, recycle or donate what you don’t need. Remember to pack a meal and overnight bag to cover your needs during the move and the first night in your new place. Lastly, consider hiring professional movers to alleviate the stress of moving day. If your job offers relocation assistance, use it to hire movers, making your transition much smoother.

source: https://utahsmovingandstorage.com/7-tips-for-frequent-movers/


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