7 Guidelines of a Masterpiece Tattoo Infographic

You want a permanent tattoo that you can be glad of. How do you pick a style you will be okay with?

Check Your Location

Remember to carefully consider where you’ll get your tattoo when choosing what design you’ll get. However, it may come as a surprise that not all skin is made alike.

Some stains will cause fading and blurring to occur more quickly than others. For instance, tattoos on fingers diminish and distort more rapidly than elsewhere. We recommend conversing with your artist to identify a location to keep your ink bright for as long as possible.

Don’t Rush It

Do you still have the original tattoo concept you had? If you’re anything like most of us, you definitely did not receive it, which is an excellent thing. Allow an idea some time, even if it looks fantastic. Many creatives advise waiting a year before putting your idea to the test. Wear tattoo t-shirts with your favorite designs while you wait. It’s a good indication that anything is a keeper if, after a year, you’re still enthusiastic about it.

Random is Fun, But…

We’re not talking about acquiring identical tattoos with the guy you’ve been meeting for a week, either. It can be a word or phrase penned by a loved one who has since passed away, a line from one of your favorite songs, or a picture that conjures up memories of your hometown. Was a panda your grandma’s favorite animal? Is there a saying that always helps you get back on track? You’re all set.

Watch Out for the Little Guys

We are aware. Those tiny, delicate tattoos are a lot of joy. They do, however, have some shortcomings. The tattoo will fade and distort more visibly the smaller and narrower it is. Those fine lines will be less fine sooner or later. It is a good idea to remember this when choosing your ink because larger tattoos with a lot of black ink are more likely to maintain a sharp effect.

Don’t Forget Your Day Job

Unluckily, your supervisor might not like a full-sleeve appearance on each arm or a design that extends up to the neck. Before making a decision that can’t be readily concealed, you should consult the employee agreement or, just in case, speak with the manager. If your present employer is okay with it, but you intend to only work there for a while, consider whether your tattoos would pose a barrier to future employment. We advise staying away from anything that can be construed as objectionable in difficult-to-hide places in particular.

Do Your Research

Research is crucial not just for academic purposes; it also has uses in the ink industry. Consider the positioning, fonts, and even needle diameters for the tattoo itself. And remember to evaluate your artist thoroughly. Before making an appointment with an artist, it’s wise to study feedback, ask peers for referrals, and schedule a consultation.

Bring Some References

Take some reference images for your artist if you have a specific concept for your artwork, whether you’re getting a well-known pattern or have an original notion. It’s okay to take a typeface idea from one and a color theme from another. Mention to your artist which elements you enjoy.

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