7 Hats for the Four Seasons Infographic

Which season do you love the most? Is it summer, spring, winter, or fall? At each season, did you notice that you would want to maintain your fashion sense without compromising your protection against direct sunlight? If it is summer, the heat is just too much to handle. During the winter season, it feels like the snow would even get to the inside of your ears while your head felt like numbing. Because of the developments in the industry, different types of hats were made to suit the season. This infographic shows the hats that you can wear when any of the seasons come. While you tend to buy lots of these hats, do not forget that you can keep a few of them and wait for the next season to come.

1. What could be the best hat for spring and fall? Of course, first on your mind would be a ball cap. The truth is that ball caps can be used all throughout the year because of its durability and versatility. If you opt to wear ball caps during fall, you must look for non-vented ball caps because it can protect you from spring showers. Another type of hats that is recommended for spring and fall season is a fedora. The lightweight fedora will provide a comfortable feeling along with its warmth. If you experienced that spring and fall seemed to be warm, use a fabric fedora, otherwise, use a wool-made fedora.

2. Summer is the season that you would like to avoid going out as much as possible. However, whenever it is inevitable, you must protect yourself with custom hats. Ball caps are still recommended if you are just going out in the neighborhood. Aside from ball caps, straw hats are also deemed useful. Because of easy maintenance, straw hats with palm leaves are your best options. Also, it does not easily get deformed.

3. The year will not be complete without winter. This is the most challenging season because you can never tell how cold it would be during this season. You would want to stay at home unless it is necessary to go out. Whenever you do so, ensure that you protect yourself from head to toe by some clothing and hats. It is usual that hats made of rabbit or beaver fur are preferred because of its capability to stay in shape. However, it is expensive. An alternative would be the cowboy hat made from wool.

4. Have you seen hats that were attached with earmuffs? Trapper-style hats often come with earmuffs and it does help in lessening the impact of the cold weather. It comes in different colors and styles. The person wearing it looks cool and chill despite the freezing temperature.

5. Is your fashion choice a ball cap? Normally, it is not recommended for the winter season but because of some developments in the hats industry, ball caps can now be used during the winter season. You just need to find ball caps that are made with fleece fabric because it will give warmth to your head.

source: https://acmehatco.com/for-every-hat-there-is-a-season/


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