7 Hearing Loss Signs Infographic

Recognizing signs of hearing loss in a loved one can be crucial for early intervention and improved quality of life. One common indication is when their responses seem off during conversations, as they may struggle to hear and process words correctly. Additionally, withdrawing from noisy environments, where background noise can distort speech. Consistent leaning toward a particular side during conversations may indicate an effort to direct sound to the ear with better hearing. Balance issues, dizziness, and vertigo may arise due to ear-related problems. Another sign is listening to the TV or music at high volumes. Social withdrawal, particularly from gatherings with crowds, may occur due to difficulty understanding conversations. Similarly, problems in school or work, such as decreased performance or increased distractions. Identifying these signs early on can prompt seeking medical evaluation and appropriate interventions, potentially improving outcomes for individuals with hearing loss.

source: https://www.tinnitusformula.com/library/7-signs-your-loved-one-has-hearing-loss/


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