7 Hearing Loss Warning Signs Infographic

Some degree of hearing loss is natural as we age, but it’s important to recognize when it progresses to a level that requires intervention from an audiologist. One sign of hearing loss is the perception that everyone is mumbling, as high-frequency sounds become harder to hear, making speech sound muffled and difficult to understand. If you frequently turn up the volume on the TV only to be told by others that it’s too loud, it might indicate deteriorating hearing. Missing punch lines in jokes and parts of conversations can also signal hearing loss, as humor often relies on the clarity of spoken words. Additionally, if you struggle to hear phone conversations even at the highest volume setting, it could be a sign that your hearing needs to be checked. Hearing-impaired individuals may experience heightened sensitivity to loud noises due to straining to hear softer sounds. This can indicate a contrast in their hearing range that should be evaluated. Balance problems and tinnitus can be signs of hearing loss. Your inner ear helps maintain balance, so issues with balance or instability may be linked to hearing loss. Tinnitus, the perception of ringing, buzzing, or whistling sounds others don’t hear, can also indicate hearing deterioration. If you notice these signs, scheduling an appointment with an audiologist is important. They can assess your hearing and recommend interventions like hearing aids to help manage your hearing loss and maintain your quality of life.

source: https://www.tinnitusformula.com/library/7-early-warning-signs-of-hearing-loss/


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