7 Home Repairs Best Left to the Pros Infographic

When things break in the house, homeowners often deal with minor repairs to save money. However, sometimes you need to hand over the hammer to the pros instead of wielding it yourself. Sure some easy DIY projects and repairs are easy to handle but there are home repairs that should be left to the professionals. This is because these repair jobs are dangerous and require professional skills and tools. What could go wrong if you opt to DIY it instead of calling the professionals? Aside from being injured, you can get things worse than it and it’ll require a more expensive fee to set it right. Here are 7 home repairs that are best left to the pros. You’ll know why when you read it.

1. Tree Trimming/Removal. Trimming small trees is an easy task but the moment you need to use a chainsaw and ladder is the time you should contact a professional to take on the job. This job is too much for a homeowner to handle especially when the trees that need to be trimmed or removed are near power lines. Leave this task to the pros.

2. Electrical. Any repairs or renovation that is related to electricity should be handled by pros especially when you have no experience in this area. Handling electric wires should be done by electricians, do not underestimate the power of electricity. Wiring a house for once requires a whole mess of colored wires that even if you are not color blind you’ll find confusing and dangerous especially when connected incorrectly. Replacing a ceiling fan or light switch is okay but anything more than that, you should call an electrician.

3. Plumbing. Taking this task on your own is as dangerous as dealing with electrical repairs. Errors in plumbing can do much damage that burning your house down. Always remember that water will always find a way out if there is one available. Changing out a toilet or faucet can be done by any homeowners but then again, anything beyond that should be handled by a plumber.

4. Foundation Repair/House Leveling. Crack in the ceilings, sagging walls, and doors that won’t close correctly means that there is something wrong with your house’s foundation. With problems like this, you cannot just stack a few books in the corner of your house, you need a professional. They are the ones that can lift and lower part of the house without further damaging it.

5. Roofing. Roofs aren’t flat work surface thus making them tricky to DIY. For a roof that has a 20-degree angle, hiring a professional is the only way to deal with necessary repairs. Pros use PPE or Personal Protective Equipment to keep themselves safe while dealing with your roof at whatever angle it might be. They are also skilled in replacing and patching up parts of your roof so you don’t have to deal with water damage in the future.

6. Removing Walls. There are walls in your home that are called the ‘load-bearing walls which means they distribute the weight of the house, ceiling, and roof. Serious structural disaster can occur if you unintentionally knock out a load-bearing wall. There are also electric, plumbing, and HVAC material in the walls thus pros should handle removing the walls.

7. Natural Gas. Non-professional should not mess with natural gas otherwise you are running the risk of exposing your family to deadly carbon monoxide gas. Calling professionals is the only way to deal with problems regarding natural gas in your home. No DIYs.

source: https://www.disastercompany.com/7-home-repairs-best-left-to-the-pros/


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