7 Maintenance Tips for CNC Plasma Machines Infographic

If you’ve bought a CNC plasma machine, you probably have huge intentions for your professional or private endeavors. But without routine maintenance, your machine is susceptible to deterioration, which would need expensive repairs and replacements as well as a loss of time and money. But with a little bit of knowledge, you can optimize your device’s potential and increase its lifespan.

In order to prevent downtime and make sure your CNC plasma machine consistently produces the results you need; we’ll give our best maintenance advice in this post.

1. Tidy Torch Leads

The torch leads are one important part of your machine that you shouldn’t ignore. On the leads, metal dust and debris can build up over time and prevent the plasma arc from initiating. The equipment may malfunction as a result of this impediment, requiring expensive repairs and downtime.

2. Monitor Grease

In order to lubricate the machine’s moving parts and stop wear and tear, grease is essential. The components of the machine encounter higher friction and deteriorate more quickly without enough lubrication.

3. Safeguard Rail Sections and Bearings are Aligned

For your CNC machine to run effectively and deliver high-quality cuts, the rail sections and bearings must be properly aligned. Verify that the rail sections are appropriately positioned and that the system-wide rail spacing is uniform.

Additionally, any spaces between racks and gears should be avoided. Also, make sure to correct bearing alignment so that there is no visible light between them and the rail surface. In order to prevent vibrations and wavy cuts, make sure the machine’s torch mounting component is solid and free of motion.

4. Verify the Power Supply and Grounding

For damage prevention and smooth operation, it is essential to check your CNC machine’s power supply and grounding. Disconnect all electrical power and confirm that the line disconnect switch is off before accessing the power supply. Using a vacuum or compressed air, remove any dust or debris that can harm internal components once the lid has been removed.

5. Inspect Air Filters and Coolant Levels

For your CNC plasma table to remain durable and functional, checking the coolant levels and air filters is also crucial.
Check all air filters for any evidence of moisture, oil, or particles. Replace the filter with a fresh one if it has become filthy or discolored.

6. Check the Serviceable Life of Components

Knowing when to replace worn-out parts is essential when it comes to CNC machines. Extending the useful life of a machine or component can be expensive and result in performance loss. Regularly checking the parts of your machine’s serviceable life will help you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

7. Tune Drive Motor and Control

The drive motors and torch location may need to be adjusted if you experience any problems. Someone who is not familiar with the inner workings of the machine shouldn’t undertake the procedure because it calls for a lot of patience and technical know-how.

To increase the longevity of your entire CNC plasma table system, regular maintenance is essential. You can make sure that your machine remains in top shape and functions well for years to come by heeding these suggestions, consulting the manual as necessary, and getting assistance from a professional when necessary.

source: https://squickmons.com/7-maintenance-tips-to-make-your-cnc-plasma-machine-last-longer/


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