7 Mental Health Tips During Holidays Infographic

As fall arrives with its crisp air and crunchy leaves, it brings both seasonal delights and potential mental health challenges. For those grappling with depression, anxiety, or other issues, this time of year can be overwhelming. Engaging with a therapist is essential, especially in early recovery, as substance abuse facilities often offer dual-diagnosis treatments. Adequate sleep is crucial, with the Mayo Clinic recommending 8 to 10 hours for adolescents and at least 7 hours for adults to avoid health issues like depression and heart disease. Managing expectations is also important; don’t be disheartened if loved ones are cautious post-rehab. Practicing intuitive eating, listening to your body’s hunger signals without labeling foods as good or bad, can help maintain balance. Being present enhances interactions and overall well-being, while spending time outdoors offers mental clarity and perspective, as John Muir noted. Finally, listening to yourself and respecting your needs, including saying “No” when necessary, is vital. For instance, excusing yourself from uncomfortable situations maintains your peace of mind. Applying these methods allows you to navigate the holiday season smoothly, prioritizing your mental health.

source: https://renaissanceranch.net/7-ways-to-improve-your-mental-health-this-fall/


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