7 Misconceptions About Landscaping Infographic

A home’s landscaping conveys a lot about a property. It gives visitors to your home or those driving by a first impression of the house’s personality and flair. What is your landscaping knowledge? Here are seven landscaping myths you might not know.

Trees are Only for Show

Any yard would benefit from having trees. They don’t, however, exist purely for decorative purposes. It is common practice to employ trees to provide shade and chill an area. By strategically placing plants around your home, you may create a cooling effect and reduce your cooling costs.

Shorter grass = Less Upkeep

Although shorter grass may seem easier to maintain, that isn’t always the case. The grass will actually grow more quickly if it is mowed short. You may tend to your lawn less frequently without it looking out of control by giving it a good little trim from time to time. Try setting your mower’s blade to roughly two to three inches instead of using the lowest setting for cutting your grass.

The Ideal Time to Water Your Lawn is At Night

In order to stop the moisture from evaporating in the sunlight, many homeowners feel that the optimum time to water their grass is at night. That is untrue. The best time to water your lawn is in the morning because watering it at night increases the likelihood of mold and mildew growing on your grass and encourages the growth of fungi. Disease and other unpleasant issues can result from fungi. If you water early in the day, your yard will absorb adequate moisture while still having time to dry out during the day.

The Best Time to Plant is in The Spring

Springtime seems like the best time to start planting. Well, it is for some species of trees and plants, but not for others. For certain species, planting is more successful in the fall. The mild temperatures that are typically present in the fall are ideal for many saplings and seedlings. Plants may grow and take root beautifully without the intense summer heat. The best seasons to plant are generally spring and fall.

Tree Stumps Are Unimportant

Your yard’s tree stump appears to be utterly unimportant. But you may not be aware of how much trouble that tree stump is actually causing. It’s negatively hurting your curb appeal. They also encourage the growth of new trees. It happens frequently for new trees to grow from an old tree stump. Termites are attracted to tree trunks. Remove the tree stump before it causes any of these problems.

Landscaping Services are a Waste of Money

Working with a Wheaton landscaping firm is a great method to preserve your lovely yard and successfully redesign your outside space. Your landscaper will discuss with you the designs that would work best with the architecture of your property. In order to maintain the health of your grass, shrubs, and trees for many years to come, they will also provide you with instructions on how to care for them.

All Landscaping is Great

The same cannot be said for all landscapers. It’s crucial to work with someone who shares your goals and vision, has a ton of expertise, and has these qualities. A novice landscaper could plant trees too close to your house, for example, leading to unneeded issues. That could damage the foundation of your house and provide vermin access to your attic. Trees close to your home may also harm your roof, costing you money that you would rather not spend.

Other poor landscaping practices can interfere with your drainage system and cause flooding. These are concerns that the typical homeowner would not consider, therefore it is essential to work with a skilled and professional landscaper.

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